Welcome New Hire: Getting Started At RIMdev

Written by Khalid Abuhakmeh

Welcome New Hire,

Congratulations and welcome (insert your name here). This post is designed to help you get you started and to serve as a checklist as you setup your RIMdev identity. We will break this post down into three sections: Frameworks, Applications, and Services.

Before getting started, we work with many technology stacks but primarily focus on the .NET Framework stack. We believe that it is up to the developer to choose how they would like to be productive, without imposing their personal tool choices on others. We also have a mixture of operating systems within our team (Windows and macOS), and you are more than welcome to choose the one suitable for you. I will delineate which items are required to be productive, and which ones are suggestions.

Note: I recommend starting with Chocolatey (if on Windows) as it may make finding and installing the following list of items easier. If on macOS, you may want to install Homebrew and Parallels.


The major frameworks we use include:

There are subset frameworks of the frameworks mentioned above, like Angular, Jekyll, Vue.js, ASP.NET MVC, but those are handled at the project level.


Applications are the supporting cast to your rising star.

Required Applications

Helpful Applications


You may need some or all following accounts to interact with the team and the business stakeholders.

Required Services

  • Active Directory: If deemed worthy, our IT overlords shall grant you keys to the kingdom. “HAIL IT!”
  • GitHub: our project management / source control platform.
  • LastPass: password management.
  • Slack: a user account to team chat.
  • HighFive: a user account with our team.

Optional Services

  • Twitter: It’s nice to know what the rest of the developer community is doing.
  • Spotify Premium: Go premium or go broke :).


Success is not guaranteed, but installing the following frameworks, applications, and services will ensure you have the best shot. Feel free to lean on your teammates and ask questions. We are a team, and we’re glad to have you as a member (insert your name here).



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Khalid Abuhakmeh Director of Software Development (Former)

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