{Open source} things we made for you

We're pretty transparent about what we do and how we do it (when we can be anyway).


Sometimes you need a Stuntman before you send in real, unsuspecting users!


It is a dark time for the Galaxy. Active Directory holds crucial troop information but is seemingly impenetrable even to those with access to the force.

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Links and templates are at the heart of a Hypermedia API. It is important to generate correct resource links in addition to properly defining the capabilities each resources exposes via url templates.

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The classy way to filter collections.

A library that allows an IEnumerable to be filtered using either a typed or anonymous class.

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We wanted to create a tool that allowed non-GitHub user’s access to our GitHub releases with the hope that they would be more informed about the progress our team is making in squashing bugs, adding features, and kicking butt.

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