Getting to work on your new Apple Silicon Macbook Pro

Written by Kevin Hougasian

One of the perks being with Ritter, and on the dev team, is you can choose the hardware that makes you happy and productive! Team members have the option of Windows or Mac, with refreshes every 3-4 years. Several Macs were due, but how to move forward? Intel’s disappearing for Apple Silicon and we have clear ties to Microsoft in workflow and infrastructure, so waiting a bit on refreshes made sense.

The wait is officially over! So here’s a quick guide for anyone on the frontend upgrading now, or in the future! And by the way, #WorthIt!



New laptop, new SSH key! You’ll need to generate and install a new key for your GitHub account.

Static Sites

We run several flavors of SSG. If you find yourself working with one of them, you’ll need something from the list below 😀 Most of them leverage Liquid.

Before working with any static site, install Git Large File Storage - Apple Silicon, or brew install git-lfs, then initialize with git lfs install (you only need to run once per user account - it installs globally)

Happy coding with you’re new Apple Silicon Macbook! ⌨️

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Kevin Hougasian Lead Frontend Developer

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