ASP.NET Core 3.1: Newtonsoft.Json Issues With Enumerable.Empty Assignment

Written by Ken Dale
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We’ve spotted some strange behavior before with ASP.NET Core and JSON serialization/deserialization, and I eventually made it back to trying out some scenarios.

One thing we’ve noticed is Newtonsoft.Json having issues with Enumerable.Empty<T>() assignments. We typically assign IEnumerable<T> items with a starting (empty, itemless) collection to avoid a potential null.

When ran directly it throws a JsonSerializationException. When ran through TestServer it returns a 400 Bad Request.

A fix

A fix, as mentioned by Bill Boga and demonstrated via tests (see, is to install the Newtonsoft.Json package manually, even if it’s not absolutely necessary for the project to compile.


We can change all usages of Enumerable.Empty<T>() to something else, like new List<T>(), Array.Empty<T>(), etc. This makes everything just work the way you’d expect.

In Closing

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