A Year of Open Source (2016)

Written by Ken Dale and Khalid Abuhakmeh

We’ve made some good contributions to the world of open source this year. Our major projects are listed at our open source page.


Stuntman is a development time user switcher, helping you quickly and easily switch between predefined users which accelerates development.

This year Andrew Lock added support for ASP.NET Core! And, we’re super excited about the 145 stars the repository has on GitHub currently.

Star Orgs

Star Orgs is an Azure Active Directory visualization powered by D3.js. It’s enabled our organization to better understand the relationships between departments, and the individuals that comprise them.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a sample:

Star Orgs screenshot{: .img-fluid }

It includes supports for user photos, too!


Filter uses prototypical objects to filter collections, whether in-memory or backed by Entity Framework. The library makes it intuitive to build APIs and expose filtering to your API consumers. We also added NEST support for PostFilter and looking to add support for more Elasticsearch filter constructs.

Jekyll Azure deploy

We created a boilerplate solution to quickly get a Jekyll site running on Microsoft Azure App Services. It has helped us deploy several Jekyll sites and plan to deploy more in 2017.

Age Picker

We created Age Picker, a picker to help users select ages of individuals, as a response to a business need. It’s on npm as age-picker, if you’d like to use it in your projects.


Releases was our first attempt at a ASP.NET Core cross platform project. It’s intent is to pull release notes from many GitHub projects into a single location — the Releases web app. In 2017 we plan to migrate from project.json to csproj format.


Supurlative is a link generation library aimed at creating templated URLs for Hypermedia APIs. It’s currently used in several of our APIs, and as we move more to leveraging frontend frameworks it will become crucial to simplify frontend development.

RimDev.io (this blog!)

We had blog posts every month this year, along with a complete style overhaul. Several of our authors were featured on ASP.NET Community Standup, and got some good discussions going.



Temporal is an ASP.NET library enabling easy time traveling at runtime. Imagine you have a time machine. And, others on your team also have their own time machine via an on-screen widget. That’s what Temporal brings you!

Temporal screenshot

It’s in alpha right now. Let us know what you think!

Aspirations for 2017

  • More ASP.NET Core
  • More static site generation related items
  • More development time tools, similar to Stuntman and Temporal
  • More cross platform development

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