Slack, Hubot, and Webhooks: Custom Notifications Using All Three

Written by Ken Dale and Khalid Abuhakmeh

Choosy devs choose Slack. It’s dev tested, mother approved. Slack has become the main source of our team collaboration.

One of the benefits of Slack is the sheer number of pre-built integrations. There’s integrations for GitHub, Raygun, and all sorts of stuff. These work great! But, sometimes you need a special custom notification.

For these custom notifications, we’ve found that creating custom scripts for our Hubot instance fills the gap.

Our Hubot and custom scripts

Hubot is a chat bot created by GitHub that can work with various chat networks. There are adapters for HipChat, Slack, etc. Hubot can be great for all sorts of fun — but it can be a platform for Serious Business ™, too.

As a team, we’ve used Hubot in the past with non-Slack chat networks. However, since we’ve moved to Slack, we’ve re-discovered some of its usefulness. In that regard, we’ve created some Hubot scripts that are available on the public registry.

Currently, we have two published npm scripts:

These are both open source. If you have any ideas, find any bugs, or have any general feedback let us know!

Published January 28, 2016 by

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Ken Dale Senior Application Developer (Former)
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Khalid Abuhakmeh Director of Software Development (Former)

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