Back To Basics: HTML Forms

Written by Khalid Abuhakmeh

In the whirlwind that is modern web development, I thought it would be a great idea to revisit one of the fundamental parts that make the web work: HTML Forms.

FORM tag

The form tag allows developers to pass user data from the client browser to the server. An HTML form has many attributes, which when utilized correctly can make the life of a developer easier. I will focus on the attributes you may likely use.

  • action: defines where the form is sending the information.
  • method: The method could be GET or POST.
  • target: Where should the response be made visible. Options include _blank, _self, _parent, or _top.
  • name: Name of the form sent to the server.

{:} **Developer’s forget that the FORM tag supports both GET and POST. Utilize GET more for search forms and you’ll get the benefit of history for free!


There are many inputs in HTML and using them effectively is up to you (and your frontend team). The most important thing to remember is this.

{:} Remember to set the name on the input field, and the field is not disabled.

With these attributes set, you can now pass information to the server.

<input type='text' name='PhoneNumber' />

The name attribute is the key used in the request to the server application. If it is not specified, the server will not receive your value.


Buttons are recognized as inputs. That means they can have similar attributes as an input tag.

<button type="submit" name="ThisButton" value="Yes" />

These values are sent to the server and can be used to determine which button was pressed by the user and if that button possesses a value.


It is easy to get caught up with the modern web-dev stack. Remembering that most of the web operates on simple HTML forms and leveraging forms properly can make a seemingly complicated task relatively simple. At risk of sounding like a broken record: “Use the right tool for the job” and HTML Forms frequently are the right tool.

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